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0001 C/3/26Peers Park to Alice Rest (Skylonda)
0002 C/1.5/2.2Pierce/Comer Saratoga (Maze Southbound)
0003 C/1.5/2.2Saratoga Pierce/Comer (Maze Northbound)
0004 C/1.5/35Menlo Rec Cntr Coyote Hills Park
0005 C/4/22Cupertino Cupertino Hills Climbs
0006 C/2.5/67Shoreline Park Niles & Calaveras Canyons
0007 C/1.5/15Los Gatos Cupertino (One way - North)
0008 C/2.8/9Saratoga Los Gatos (South/Hilly/No Hi9)
0009 C/2.5/8Cupertino Saratoga (South via Mt Eden)
0010 C/2/34Pigeon Point Lighthouse Davenport
0011 C/1.5/15Los Gatos Cupertino (One way - North)
0012 C/1.5/27Menlo Rec Cntr Shoreline Park
0013 C/2.5/25Shoup Park Backside of Mt Eden
0014 C/2.8/24Monta Vista Park Villa Montalvo
0015 C/1.5/26Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Vasona Lake
0016 C/1.5/27Sunnyvale Comm.Cntr. Vasona Lake (Good Earth)
0017 C/2/27Shoup Park Woodside
0019 C/1.2/32Peers Park Cupertino (7 Cities Ride)
0020 B/2/19Freedom Watsonville
0021 B/2/11Freedom Watsonville (Short Loop)
0022 C/2/45Sunnyvale Water Temple (San Mateo Co.)
0023 B/2/35Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Woodside Bakery, Woodside
0024 B/2.5/35Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Vasona Lake (Shannon/Kennedy)
0025 B/2.5/23Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Vienna Woods Deli, Saratoga
0026 B/2/19Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Peers Park (via Los Altos)
0027 C/3/40Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Skylonda via Old La Honda Rd
0028 C/2/30Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Los Gatos (Old Town)
0029 B/2.5/24Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Los Altos (Mom's)
0030 B/1/26Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Kelley Park, San Jose
0031 B/2/27Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Fresh Choice via Los Altos
0032 C/2.5/29Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Alpine Inn, Woodside
0033 C/2.5/40Sharon Park Sawyer Camp Trail, San Mateo Co
0034 B/2/32Shoup Park Water Temple, San Mateo Co.
0035 C/2.5/28Shoup Park International Coffee, Saratoga
0036 C/2.5/29Shoup Park Huddart Park, San Mateo Co
0037 C/2.5/25Shoup Park Alpine Inn, Woodside
0038 C/2.5/29Peers Park Water Temple, San Mateo Co.
0039 B/2/20Peers Park Shoup Park, Los Altos
0040 A/2/20Peers Park Plantation Rest., Portola Loop
0041 C/3/27Peers Park Skylonda via Old La Honda Rd
0042 B/2/20Peers Park Huddart Park, San Mateo Co.
0043 B/2/22Peers Park Fresh Choice Rest., Sunnyvale
0044 B/1/20PA Cultural Cntr Roger's Deli, Mt. View
0045 C/2/26PA Cultural Cntr Fresh Choice Rest, Sunnyvale
0046 B/1.5/30PA Cultural Cntr Coyote Hills (East Bay)
0047 C/2.5/30Menlo Rec Cntr Stanford via Belmont
0048 B/2/20Menlo Rec Cntr Huddart Park, San Mateo Co.
0049 B/2/30Gunn High School Water Temple, San Mateo Co.
0050 B/2/30Gunn High School Vienna Woods Deli, Saratoga
0051 B/2/16Gunn High School Los Altos Hills (Short)
0052 C/4/39Gunn High School Kings Mountain Country Store
0053 B/2.7/27Foothill College Wildwood Park, Saratoga
0054 C/2.5/35Cuesta Park, Mt. View Erik's Deli-Cupertino (8 Cities)
0055 B/2.7/27Bicycle Outfitter Woodside Bakery, Woodside
0056 B/2.5/22Bicycle Outfitter Vienna Woods Deli, Saratoga
0057 B/2/33Sunnyvale Comm. Cntr. Movable Feast Rest - 9 Cities
0058 C/1.2/28Westmoor Shop Cntr Lake Side Cafe, Shoreline Park
0059 C/2.0/11Sand Hill/Santa Cruz Portola Loop
0060 C/2.0/35Westmoor Shop Cntr Portola Loop (7 ways to start)
0061 C/2.0/35Westmoor Shop Cntr Portola Loop/Lunch at Plantation
0062 C/2.0/40Westmoor Shop Cntr Portola Loop/Lunch in Woodside
0063 BC/2/32-38Gunn H.S. Saratoga/Villa Montalvo (LDTSG4)
0064 D-F/2.5-3/49-67Gunn H.S. Saratoga/Villa Montalvo(LDTSG 4)
0065 C/2/30Sharon Park Sawyer Camp Trail
0066 C/1.5/28Peers Park Woodside (Buck's Restaurant)
0067 C/2/30San Gregorio Store Gazos Creek Road/Duarte's Rest.
0068 C/2.5/29Sharon Lake Park San Mateo - Polhemus Rd
0069 C/2.5/32Sharon Lake Park San Mateo via Alta Mesa Rd
0070 C/2/24San Gregorio Store Half Moon Bay
0071 C/2/27Chain Reaction Los Altos Hills/Woodside/PA
0072 C/2/28Chain Reaction Los Altos Hills/Woodside/PA
0073 C/3/35Saratoga Gap Boulder Creek
0074 C/1/32Hellyer Park Coyote Valley
0075 C/2/30Chain Reaction Stevens Canyon to Absolute End
0076 C/2/15Sharon Park Portola (Little Known Roads)
0077 C/2.5/47Cupertino Los Gatos (AHA HeartRide)
0078 C/3/25Peers Park Woodside via Godetia
0079 C/3/25Chain Reaction Saratoga Shuffle via Mt. Eden
0080 C/3/27Bollinger/Miller Los Gatos - Kennedy-Shannon Loop
0081 C/1.5/35Cuesta Park Eight Cities (Lunch at Eric's)
0082 C/3/25Menlo Rec. Coyote Hills Regional Park
0083 B-F/2-4/30-68Various Pescadero (LDTSG#7)
0084 BC/2.5/38Wellesley Crescent Pk Max's for Lunch
0085 BC/2/33-45Soscol/Imola Yountville
0086 B/2.5/38Edgewood/Canada Los Altos for Lunch
0087 A/2/20Lake Merced (SF) Queen Wilhelmina's Gardens
0088 B/2.8/30Spreckels Lake (SF) Pier 39/Ft Point/Leg. Honor/Etc
0089 B/2.5/30Lake Merced (SF) Presidio/C. Marimba/Cliff House
0090 B/2.8/30Gashouse Cove Lot (SF) Twin Peaks - Max's for Lunch
0091 B/2.3/36Sausalito Tiburon via Paradise Dr. Loop
0092 B/2.5/35Marinwood Comm Cntr Cheese Factory CCW - Pt. Reyes
0093 B/2.5/35Marinwood Comm Cntr Cheese Factory CW - Pt. Reyes
0094 BC/2.8/44Marinwood Comm Cntr China Camp & West - Marin
0095 B/3/42Cheese Factory Tomales
0096 B/2.5/54Woodland Woodland Wanderer-Winters 1/2
0097 B/2.5/56Woodland Woodland Wanderer-Dixon 2/2
0098 BC/2.5/42Petaluma Muni Airport Pastoral Petaluma (Day 1/3)
0099 BC/2.5/42Santa Rosa Jr College Apple Tour/Sebastopol (Day 2/3)
0100 BC/2.5/38Petaluma Toddlin' to Tomales (Day 3/3)
0101 BC/2.5/36Petaluma Pedalin' Petaluma
0102 B/2.5/51Petaluma Russian River/Tomales (Day 1/3)
0103 B/2.5/43Brookside Lodge Healdsburg (Day 2/3)
0104 B/2.5/48Comfort Inn to Russian River (Day 3/3)
0105 B/2.5/64Yountville Lake Berryessa LDTSG#20 B-Ride
0106 B/3.0/75Yountville Lake Berryessa LDTSG20 - C Ride
0107 B/3.5/90Yountville Lake Berryessa LDTSG20 - D Ride
0108 EF/3.5/93Yountville Lake Berryessa LDTSG20 EF Ride
0109 C/1/24Bicycle Outfitter Santa Clara Historic Tour
0110 C/2/24Bicycle Outfitter Stevens Canyon
0111 C/2/20Bicycle Outfitter Los Altos Hill Ramble
0112 A/2.2/20Portola Town Hall PULGAS WATER TEMPLE FOR LUNCH
0113 C/2.5/30Shoup Park Canyon Inn
0114 C/3/30Mitchell Park-Palo Alto Portola Loop-Alice's Figure 8
0115 C/2.5/31Canada/Edgewood Woodside to San Bruno
0116 C/2.5/35Shoup Park Los Altos to Los Gatos
0117 C/3.9/21Petaluma Petaluma to Cheese Factory
0118 C/3/29Shoup Park Little Know Roads (Woodside)
0119 B/2.9/25Cupertino Saratoga - Los Gatos Loop
0120 B/2.5/53South San Jose LDTSG - B Ride - Fortino
0121 C/2.8/65Los Gatos LDTSG C Ride - Fortino
0122 DEF/2.9/103-110Gunn HS LDTSG DEF Rides to Fortino
0123 B/2/25Gunn HS Woodside - Alameda Loop
0124 C/2/23Los Altos Los Altos Hills to Red Pepper
0125 C/2/23Sharon Heights Points North
0126 C/2/25Los Altos Saratoga Special
0127 C/1.5/37Sunnyvale Comm Cntr Movable Feast in Saratoga
0128 C/3/39Los Gatos Almaden Ups and Downs
0129 C/4/35Scotts Valley Mtn. Charlie to Boulder Creek
0130 C/3/39Rohnert Park Beautiful Sonoma Mt.
0131 C/4/23Glen Ellen Beautiful Sonoma Mt. (Short)
0132 C/2.5/30Fremont Central Park Calaveras
0133 C/3/41Calistoga Over the Hills to Santa Rosa
0134 C/3.9/65Diablo Vista Park Mt. Diablo/Morgan Tr. (LDTSG)
0135 D/3.5/90Diablo Vista Park Mt. Diablo/Morgan Tr. (LDTSG)
0136 EF/3.9/105Diablo Vista Park Mt. Diablo/Morgan Tr. (LDTSG)
0137 B/3.7/55Diablo Vista Park Mt. Diablo/Morgan Tr (LDTSG)
0138 C/3.9/36Natrl Bridge State Park Empire Grade & Bonny Doon
0139 C/3.5/37Occidental Feeling Crabby Memorial Ride
0140 C/3/40Gunn HS For a Change of Hills
0141 C/4/48Middletown HS Lake Country Exploration
0142 C/4/57Diablo Vista Park Mt Diablo/Morgan Terr. Road
0143 C/3/41Santa Rosa Over the Hills to Calistoga I
0143 C/3/50Calistoga Over the Hills to Santa Rosa
0143 C/3/37Dublin Palomares & Norris Canyons
0146 A/2/19Pescadero Other Half of Gazos Creek
0147 A/2/18Pescadero Gazos Creek-Cloverdale Loop
0148 C/3.3/34Gunn HS Roundabout Way to Woodside
0149 C/3.9/40Hi 92/Canada The Little Hills Local
0150 C/4/46San Gregorio Tunitas Creek frm San Gregorio
0151 C/2/50Healdsburg Windsor - Asti Loop
0152 C/4(4600')/30Saratoga A Bit of Mr Bill
0153 C-F/2.5/25Edgewood & Canada Tuesday & Thursday Night Tour
0154 A/1.5/12Cupertino Cupertino Figure Eight Loop
0155 X/1.5/15SF SF to SFO
0156 X/?/28SF SF to Redwood City
0157 X/2.5/25Daly City Bart Palo Alto
0158 X/1.5/15Millbrae Routes To Points South
0159 C/4/38Gunn HS OLH - West Alpine Loop
0160 C/4+/45Gunn HS OLH/Joaquin/West Alpine Loop
0162 B/1/30Gunn HS to Shoreline Park
0164 C/2/45Lunch in Los Gatos
0165 DELETED- SAME AS #00152
0166 C/4(3300')/37BICYCLING BREWHAHA I
0168 C/2(900')/36Woodside to Coyote Point
0169 C/2(900')/20Peers Park to Huddart Park
0170 B/3(2000')39LDTSG - Livermore - B Route
0171 C/3(3300')/55LDTSG - Livermore C Route
0172 D/3(4500')/71LDTSG - Livermore D Route
0173 E/3(4500')/82LDTSG - Livermore E Route
0174 C/3.9(2100')/30IN THE MOODY!
0175 C/2.5(3100')/94Gunn HS to Morgan Hill
0177 C/4(4200')/42Gunn HS to Skyline via Page Mill
0178 C/2.3(1990')/73PETE'S BIRTHDAY RIDE
0179 C/2.8(2200')/50RICH AND FAMISHED
0180 C/1.5/28The Hills of Los Altos
0182 C/2.5(1900')/30LOS GATOS FOR LUNCH
0183 C/2/32The Big Loop
0185 C/3(2190')/41SANTA CRUISE SOUTH
0186 B/3/40San Francisco to Larkspur Ride
0187 C/2(1360')/32Peers Park to Atherton Loop
0188 C/4(4400')/50TAM AND TAM AGAIN
0189 X/2/~25TNT - Godetia
0190 X/2/~25TNT - Golden Oak
0191 C/4.0(2080')/28A NORTHERN LOOP
0193 A/1.8(400')/20PICNIC AT LAKE LAGUNITA
0194 A/1.5/18MORE DUCKS?
0195 DUPLICATEOF #0112
0196 C/3.0(2000')/40CONTRA COSTA RAMBLE
0197 B/2(2620')/62LDTSG Berryessa B
0199 X/4(5470')/62Sequoia Preview #1
0200 B/2(2700')/64LDTSG Yountvillee B
0201 C/1.8(800')/40LDTSG Saratoga C
0202 C/2.6(2300')/53LDTSG Gilroy C
0203 B/2/36LDTSG Monterey B
0204 C/3(2770')/53LDTSG Monterey C
0206 C/5.0(2160')/21LA HONDA - ALPINE ROAD LOOP
0207 C/2(2000')/23APPLE HILL TOUR
0208 C/3(2990')/53Trekking Around Auburn
0209 B/2.5(2000')/52LDTSG East Bay Hills B
0210 C/2.5(3200')/68LDTSG East Bay Hills C
0212 B/2(1300')/30LDTSG PESCADERO B
0213 C/3(2600')/40LDTSG PESCADERO C
0214 D/3(3800')/58LDTSG PESCADERO D
0215 E/4(6220')/68LDTSG PESCADERO E
0216 B/3(1900')/2Pescadero Loop
0221 C/1.5(1000')/41TWELVE CITIES RIDE
0222 B/4(4000')/45LDTSG Cazadero
0223 C/5(5300')/65LDTSG Cazadero
0224 D/5(5500')/67LDTSG Cazadero
0225 C/3(2000')/29LA HONDA TO PESCADERO
0226 C/2.8(1820')/42CALAVERAS LOOP
0227 C/3.0(1510')/32REASONABLE ALTERNATE
0229 C/3.5(3200')/42BOULDER CREEK FOR LUNCH
0230 C/2(1400')/38SCENIC PORTOLA
0231 C/4(4000')/48Mystery Spot Clockwise
0232 C/3/55PESCADERO for LUNCH
0233 C/1(340')/38Menlo Park to Lake Elizabeth
0234 C/2.5(1500')/38TOUR NORTH
0235 C/4+(2460)/28Edgewood Rd. to Country Store
0237 D/4(5850')/69BEAT THE HEAT
0238 B/2.5(1360')/35RIDE THE TIBURON FERRY
0239 C/2(1210')/40BURLINGAME, BUCKS, & BAY
0240 A/1/12Peers Park to Shoreline Park
0241 B+C-/2.5(800')/19SPRING PICNIC LOOP
0243 C/3(1800')/32VISTA POINT AT RALSTON
0245 X/3(1800')/46LE GRAND TOUR DU VAL
0246 X/3.0(1000')/20LE PETIT TOUR DU VAL
0247 C/3(2400')/37BICYCLING BREWHAHA - Gordon Biersch
0248 B/1/30Gunn HS Shoreline Park (LDTSG #1)
0249 C/2(1000')/34Gunn HS to Shoreline Park (LDTSG #1)
0250 DE/2(1500')/35Gunn HS to Shoreline Park (LDTSG #1)
0251 B/1.5(400')/34Gunn HS to SF Wildlife Bird Refuge (LDTSG #2)
0252 C/1(200')/46Gunn HS to SF Wildlife Refuge (LDTSG #2)
0253 DE/3(2500')/40Gunn HS to SF Wildlife Refuge (LDTSG #2)
0254 B/2.5(1200')/33Gunn HS to Pulgas Water Temple (LDTSG #4)
0255 C/2.5(1500')/41Gunn HS to Pulgas Water Temple (LDTSG #4)
0256 B/2.5(1200')/30Uvas - Morgan Hill Loop (LDTSG #5)
0257 C/2.5(1700')/36Uvas - Morgan Hill Loop (LDTSG #5)
0258 C+/2.5(2000')/53Uvas - Morgan Hill Loop (LDTSG #5)
0259 DEF/3(3500')/74Uvas - Gilroy Loop (LDTSG #5)
0260 DE/2.5(1190')/36SF to Tiburon (TNT)
0261 DE/3.5(1400')/25Edgewood/Canada - Page Mill Loop (TNT)
0262 DE/3(2200)/25Huddart - Alpine Loop (TNT)
0263 DE/3(2300')/37Edgewood - Huddart Loop (TNT)
0264 DE/3(1600')/33Edgewood - Arastradero Loop (TNT)
0265 DE/3(1470')/32Arastradero -Alpine (CW) TNT
0266 C/2(1840')/32Burlingame to SF
0267 CD/3-4(1300-2500')/19-26Evergreen - Clayton Road Loop
0268 C/3.8(2000')/41San Gregorio - Pescadero - La Honda Loop
0269 C/2.5(1700')/52SF Wildlife Refuge - Calavaras Loop
0270 C/2/32Menlo Rec to The Cross (Redwood City)
0271 C/2.5/35Shoup to Hallmark-Crestview
0272 C/2/42Peers Park to Saratoga (CW)
0273 B/2/30Foster City Burlingame (Nini's)
0274 B/2(800')/37Rio Vista to Bird's Landing/Collinsville
0275 C/3(1500')/23Peers Park Godetia Loop
0276 B/1.2/20Peers Park to Cupertino
0277 C/2(1170')/32Los Altos to Campbell
0278 CD-/3(1500')/30Shoup Park to Linda Vista Park
0280 C/4.9(2890’)/30Woodside to Alice (Skylonda) CW
0281 C/2.7/25Peers Park Portola Loop
0282 C/3.6(2400')/34Shoup Park Portola via Joaquin
0283 C/2.6(1250')/30Peers Park Godetia
0284 C/4/35Menlo Rec to Kings Mtn
0285 C/3.0(1500')/30Monta Vista Park to Los Gatos
0287 X/3(4000')/76Santa Rosa - Trinity/Oakville Grades
0288 X/3/55Healdsburg - The Geysers
0289 X/3.5/118Healdsburg to Skeggs Springs/Cazadero
0290 B/1/28Gunn HS Saratoga
291 X/2.5(1500')/42Almaden Lake Watsonville/Uvas
0292 C/3(2000')/35Aptos Gizdich Ranch
0294 B/2/20Beresford Park(SM) De Anza Encampment
0295 B/3.8(2080')/30San Gregorio Pigeon Pt
0296 C/2.5/42Rancho Shopping Center Shoreline Park
0297 B/3(2000')/44Petulama Tomales
0298 C/1.5(900')/30Burgess Park Coyote Park
0299 A/2/15Morgan Hill Easy Loop in Hills
0300 B/2.5/30Morgan Hill Uvas
0301 C/3/60Morgan Hill Gillroy Hot Springs
0302 B+C-/3.3(3030')/46Edgewood & Canada Rd. Half Moon Bay
0303 C/3(1500')/26Shoup Park Woodside
0304 C/2.3(1200')/36Los Altos Menlo Park
0305 B/2.5/38Gunn HS Saratoga (Vienna Deli)
0306 C/3.5/40Gunn HS Kings Mt. Country Store
0307 C/3(1610')/25Rancho Shop Cntr. Los Altos Hills
0309 B/4(4500')/45Gunn Old La Honda (LDTSG #15)
0310 B/4(4000')/50Saratoga Skyline (LDTSG #18B)
0311 DE/3(3000')/50Gunn HS Pulgas Water Temple (LDTSG #4DE)
0312 C/4(4500')/60Saragoga Skyline (LDTSG #18C)
0313 B/2/37Gunn HS Huddart Park (LDTSG#6B)
0314 C/3/48Gunn HS Coyote Point (LDTSG #6C)
0315 D/3/55Gunn HS Coyote Point (LDTSG #6D)
0316 DE/3/65Gunn HS Coyote Point (LDTSG #6DE)
0317 B/2(1000')/34Seascape Gizdich Ranch (LDTSG #7B)
0318 C/3(2000')/44Seascape Gizdich Ranch (LDTSG#7C)
0319 D/2(2000')/54Seascape Gizdich Ranch (LDTSG #7D)
0320 EF/2(2800')/66Seascape Gizdich Ranch (LDTSG#7DE)
0321 C/3/70Spreckels Monterey Loop
0322 D/3/100Spreckels Carmel Valley
0323 C/2.5(2400')/45McKenzie Park Huddart Park
0324 C/3(3390')/47Nicassio Kehoe Beach (Pt. Reyes)
0325 A/1/16Gunn HS Cafe Barrone
0326 B+/4++(2480')/23Palo Alto Old La Honda
0327 A/3(1000')/21Portola Town Hall Huddart Park
0328 B/2.5(1690')/35San Mateo Lake Merced
0329 C/3.0(1500')/31Menlo Park Rec Center Redwood City
0330 C/2.5/33Shoup Park Huddart Park
0331 B/2/31Spreckels Watsonvlille
0332 C/1.5/42Peers Park Saratoga
0334 B/1/30Palo Alto Cultural Cntr Redwood City
0335 B/3(1800')/34Sunnyvale Rec Cntr Los Gatos
0336 C/1.6(800')/56Chain Reaction Fremont
0337 A+/B-/2/17Shoup Park Plantation
0338 A+/B-/1.5/20Shoup Park Plantation
0339 A/1/16Gunn HS Cafe Borrone
0340 C/2.5/32Shoup Park Creekside Park
0341 B/2/26Gunn HS to Pulgas Water Temple
0342 A/1/15+Jollyman Park (Cupertino) Mt. View
0343 A/2/15Peers Park Alpine Loop
0344 A/1/12Peers Park PA Duck Pond
0345 A/1/13Peers Park Shoup Park
0346 C/3/30Peers Park Los Altos Hills
0347 C/3(2100')/35Burlingame San Francisco
0348 C/4(3200')/46SAN MATEO SAN BRUNO MTN
0352 CD/4(2000')/28-33San Gregorio HMB
0353 C/2/25S'vale CommCntr Red Pepper in Cupertino
0354 C/3.5(2200')/32Shoup Park Los Altos Hills
0355 C/2/30La Honda Pescadero
0356 B/l(150')/25Shoup Park Shoreline Park
0357 B/1/25Chain Reaction Orchard City Bakery
0358 B/2(600)/28Shoup Park Shoreline Park
0359 B/2(1200')/32Gunn HS Saratoga LDTSG#3
0360 B/15(850')/28 S'vle Comm Cntr Los Gatos
0361 C/2/29& D/2.5/30 Shoup Park Redwood City Cross
0362 C/2.5/35Washington Park, Burlingame Pacifica
0363 C/2/35Cupertino Cafe Barrone, Menlo Park
0364 C/2.7(2600')/40Gunn HS Sanborn Hostel, Saratoga
0365 C/2/35& D/2.5/37 S'val Comm. Cntr 11 Cities
0366 C/1.9(950')/42Uvas Resv. SJ San Martin
0367 CD/1.5-2.5/27-31S'vale CommCntr Los Gatos
0368 C/2/30Chain Reaction Stanford
0369 C/3.1(850')/16Shoup Park Los Altos Hills
0370 C/2.5(1430')/29Shoup Park Menlo Park
0371 C/2/30Shoup Park Redwood City
0372 C/5(3100')/33Woodside Canyon Inn
0373 C/3.5(2000')/27San Gregorio Pescadero
0374 C/2.5-?/32-?Shoup Park Water Temple
0376 C/2.9(2300')/47La Honda Pigeon Point Lighthouse
0377 B/2(1750')/40Aptos Natural Bridges Park
0378 B/2/40Shoup Park Saratoga
0379 B/2/30Shoup Park Huddart Park, Woodside
0380 D/4(2300')30Mitchell Park Old La Honda
0381 D/4(2940')40Mitchell Park OLH & West OLH
0382 D/4(2850')/35Mitchell Park Page Mill
0383 D/4(3490')/42Mitchell Park Page Mill & WOLH
0384 D/4(~3000')/39Peers Park Page Mill & OLH
0385 D/4(4410')/43Shoup Park Page Mill, Hi84, OLH
0386 D/4(2870')/33Gunn HS OLH & Hi84 Rds
0387 D/4(4670')/42Gunn HS OLH & W Alpine Rds
0388 D/4(2910')/34Gunn HS Kings Mountain
0389 D/4(3160')/42Gunn HS Kings Mt, Hi 92 & Canada Rds.
0390 D/4(3550')/41Gunn HS Kings Mt & West Old La Honda Rds.
0391 D/4(3710')/43Gunn HS Kings Mt, Swett * W Old La Honda Rds.
0392 D/4(4390')/47Gunn HS Kings Mt, W Old La Honda & Joaquin Rds.
0393 D/4(4390')/47Gunn HS Kings, W OLH & Joaquin Rds
0394 D/4(4950')46Gunn HS Kings Mtn. & Bear Gulch Rds.
0395 D/4(5200')/49Gunn HS Kings Mtn, Pescdero & Page Mill Rds
0396 D/4(5220')/52Gunn HS Kings Mtn, Tunitas, Starr Hill Rds
0397 D/4(5760')/56Gunn HS Kings Mtn, Native Sons, Starr Hill,WOLH
0398 D/4(6830')/62Gunn HS Kings Mtn, Native Sons, Starr Hill, Bear Gulch, WOLH
0399 D/4(5010')/63Gunn HS Redwood Gulch, Hi 9,Skyline
0400 D/4(6420')/53Gunn HS Redwood Gulch, Hi 9, Bohlman, On Orbit
0401 D/4(7190')/63Gunn HS Bohlman, On Orbit, Black Rds
0402 D/4(6760')66Gunn HS Moody, Page Mill & Black
0403 D/4(8780')/76Gunn HS Moody, Page Mill, Black& Montebello
0404 D/4(8060')/90Gunn HS Redwood Gulch, Hwy 9, China Grade, Big Basin, And Bear Creek
0405 B+C/2.5/42Gunn High School Los Gatos
0406 B/2.5(280'or 2800')/45 Gunn HS Los Gatos
0407 C/2/60Gunn HS Coyote Point
0408 B/3(1350')/35Gunn High School Emerald Lake
0409 C/2.5/58Gunn High School Almaden
0410 B/3/30Gunn HS Redwood Gulch
0411 B/?/?Tamalpis High School San Rafael
0412 B/3(2900')/40Gunn HS Water Dog Lake
0413 B+C-/2.5/45Gunn High School Rock Bottom Brewpub
0414 B+/2/47Gunn High School Rock Bottom Brew Pub
0415 C/?/48Gunn High School San Bruno
0416 C/(1400')2.5/35Gunn High School Portola Loop
0417 B/2/45Gunn High School ROCK BOTTOM BREW PUB
0418 C/2.5/58Gunn High School Santa Teresa
0419 C/2.5(1580')/67Gunn HS Santa Teresa
0420 C/2.5/67Gunn HS Santa Teresa
0421 B/2.5(985')/18Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0422 B/3(1180')/23Cuesta Park Parker Ranch
0423 B/?/16Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0424 B/3(1120')/17Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0425 B/?/16Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0426 B/?/?Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0427 B/?/20Cuesta Park Portola
0428 B/1.5(850')/23Cuesta Park Mt. Eden
0429 B/3(1180')/23Cuesta Park Parker Ranch
0430 B/4(1300')/18Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0431 B/3.5(1400')/23Cuesta Park Portola
0432 B/2.5(800')/23Cuesta Park Mt. Eden
0433 B/?/25Cuesta Park Portola
0434 B/?/?Cuesta Park Saratoga
0435 B/2.5(1100')/26Cuesta Park Portola
0436 B/2.5(1200')/27Cuesta Park Portola/Los Altos
0437 B/2.5(1100')/25Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0438 B/?/25Cuesta Park Portola
0439 B/?/14Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0440 B/2.5(650')/14Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0441 B/?/?Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0442 B/?/?Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0443 B/?/?Cuesta Park Portola
0444 B/4(1560')/24Cuesta Park Portola
0445 B/3(1310')/25Cuesta Park Portola
0446 B/3.5(1410')/24Cuesta Park Portola
0447 B/3(1100')/24Cuesta Park Portola
0448 B/4(1560')/18Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0449 B/3(1310')/24Cuesta Park Portola
0450 B/?/17Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0451 B/?/20Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0452 B/4(1570')/18Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0453 B/?/?Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0454 B/3(1180')/23Cuesta Park Parker Ranch
0455 B/3(1180')/23Cuesta Park Mt. Eden
0456 B/3(1500')/27Cuesta Park Portola
0457 B/?/19Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0458 B/4(1050')/14Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0459 B/2.5(0540')/13Cuesta Park Cupertino
0460 B/3(0580')/10Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0461 B/3.5(1540')/26Cuesta Park Saratoga
0462 B/2.5(1010')/27Cuesta Park Woodside
0463 B/2.5(1040')/24Cuesta Park Portola
0464 B/4(1180')/15Cuesta Park Los Altos Hills
0465 B/3(1540')/29Cuesta Park Glenwood
0466 B/4(1340')/28Cuesta Park Woodside
0467 B/?/?Cuesta Park Portola
0468 C,C+/3.75(4500')/45Gunn HS Skyline/LAH
0469 C/4.25/0470C+/D/4/~40 Gunn HS LAH/Portola
0471 C,C+/3.5(2500')/0472C+D/4/~40 Gunn HS LAH/Portola
0473 C+/5(4500')/55Milpitas Calaveras
0474 C/5(4500)/~40Gunn HS LAH/Woodside
0476 B/3.2/~38or C/4/~45 Gunn HS Montebello
0477 C+/D/4(6500)/58Gunn HS Skyline/Montebello
0478 C/3.5(2300’)/31Shoup Park Cupertino Hills
0479 C/3/55MacDutra Park Tunitas
0480 D/3/65Gunn HS Rainbow Park

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